Labour stands up for businesses and workers by opposing Government changes to Sunday trading laws

karl paint
Picture: Jerome Ellerby

Karl Turner, MP for East Hull is standing up for business and workers by opposing the Government’s proposals to relax Sunday Trading Laws.

The Tories are proposing to devolve Sunday Trading regulations to local authorities, which is likely to lead to an extension of Sunday opening hours. These proposals have been slipped in at the eleventh hour as part of the Government’s Enterprise Bill.

There has been a complete lack of scrutiny and consultation for an issue that has the potential to change the British way of life – making Sundays just like any other day. In contrast, the Sunday Trading Act 1994 took 2 years of Parliamentary scrutiny to reach a compromise that has worked well for over 20 years.

Karl Turner, MP for East Hull said:

“The Sunday Trading Act keeps Sundays special, and gives everyone a little bit of what they want. The current arrangements work well in East Hull and across England, meaning that retailers can trade, customers can shop, and shop workers can spend time with their families.

“I am convinced that shops are currently open long enough for people to do their shopping and that Sunday should remain a special day, different to any other. I am therefore standing in solidarity with businesses, workers, trade unions and faith groups in opposing the extension of Sunday Trading Laws.”

Angela Eagle, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, said :

“I am strongly opposed to the Government’s proposals to relax Sunday Trading Laws by devolving them to local authorities. These proposals were not in the Tory manifesto, and will do little to drive economic growth.

The current arrangements work well, providing time for customers to shop, and for shop workers to spend time with their families. The proposed reforms amount to an attach on British Workers, and will contribute  to the gradual erosion and diminution of worker’s pay and rights across the UK.

I believe that Sundays should be kept special, and I am proud to be standing up for businesses, workers and consumers by opposing these reforms.”