Karl Turner Supporting Junior Doctors

CdNVU4oW0AAJfAtToday, Karl Turner MP joined doctors striking against changes to their contracts, imposed on them by the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt MP.

The doctors were out in force at Hull Royal Infirmary, with plenty of support from well wishers.

After speaking to the doctors, Karl Turner, Labour MP for East Hull said “We shouldn’t be glib about junior doctors going on strike, this is a serious situation.

“I have been in hospital twice in recent times and both times it was a hard working Junior Doctor that treated me.

“Junior doctors have been forced into this action by a Government that does not listen and a Health Secretary who has lost the trust of the profession.

“A number of royal colleges have warned against imposing a contract on junior doctors because of the damage it will do to staff morale and staff retention in the NHS. It beggars belief that the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, thinks that he know better”.

Karl Turner speaks below on why he is supporting junior doctors.

Whilst on strike, the doctors will be providing emergency care. To learn more about why junior doctors are striking please visit http://oneprofession.bma.org.uk/