Welcome Investment From Government For Hull’s City of Culture Year – but budget 2016 holds misery for many.


Today’s budget from George Osborne saw announcements in investment into Hull for the City of Culture year. The £13m investment will be split between refurbishing Hull’s New Theatre as well as making sure that there are funds to create a legacy for the city.

Alongside this there was also the announcement that there will be £1.23m for a British Mercantile Marine Memorial Collection, a unique collection of international maritime art in Hull.

These investments in the cultural infrastructure in Hull are welcomed and are a massive vote of confidence in the City and its ability to deliver an eventful City of Culture year in 2017.

This investment is a result of the hard work from the City of Culture Company, Hull City Council led by Steve Brady as well as the 3 Hull MPs.

Whilst there was good news culturally in Hull, there was still misery for many as the Chancellor did nothing for people that are struggling to get by and announced no new improvements in infrastructure that the City is crying out for.

London has got a new multi-billion pound investment in Crossrail 2, whilst the people of Hull wait to hear if we will enter the 21st Century and have the Hull to Selby rail line electrified. Osborne has failed to end his years of under-investment in the essentials of a modern economy for the North.

Only a week after the Tories voted for cuts to the Disability Living Allowance, the Chancellor has managed to find money down the back of the sofa for tax cuts to big businesses and higher earners. Osborne’s priorities are clear, take money from the poor and give to the rich.

This budget is the culmination of 6 years of failure. The Chancellor has failed on all his own forecasts, failing on the deficit, failing on debt, failing on investment, failing to tackle inequality and failing the people of East Hull.

This is a Chancellor for tax dodgers not tax payers, a Chancellor for hedge fund managers, not small businesses. Osborne has failed to provide a future for the next generation.

As the dust settles on this budget and the details are pored over, we can be sure that the people of East Hull deserve better than a Chancellor who has left them behind.

Budget Based On Failure