Karl Turner MP Votes Against Damaging Changes To Higher Education.

karl paint


This week Karl Turner voted against the government’s planned changes for Higher Education. The Bill put forward by the government does not meet the needs of 21st century Britain and seeks to deregulate the establishment of new universities.

At a time when our existing universities already risk losing tens of thousands of EU students, government obsession with untried and untested providers could undermine rather than reward the sector. It might only take one fiasco or scandal to damage the Higher Education sector internationally.

The Labour Party deeply opposes any potential link between the Teaching Excellence Framework and Tuition Fees. The government wants to allow the top achieving universities to raise tuition fees in line inflation which will price students from lower income families out of the market.

On top of this, students have already been hit over the last twelve months by the triple whammy of scrapping maintenance grants for loans, freezing the student loan threshold and removing NHS bursaries, damaging social mobility for the most disadvantaged students.

This vicious Tory government is putting the market before students and risks undermining any future participation of people from disadvantaged backgrounds, it is for this reason that Karl Turner voted against this Bill.