Karl Turner Opposes Tory Grammar School Proposals


“Labour is committed to an education system for everyone, not just a select few, and we will be opposing this regressive policy every step of the way” said Karl Turner Labour MP for East Hull

Theresa May last week spoke about delivering for everyone but what matters is what she does, and her actions reveal the Tories’ true colours: working in the interests of the few while everyone else is left behind. In one breathe talking of creating a “great meritocracy” and then in the next announce a return to grammar schools.

Grammar schools won’t improve the lives of the many; they offer nothing to hundreds of children in East Hull who deserve the best start in life. In returning to this failed project Theresa May is taking the Tories even further from the interests of ordinary people, further than even David Cameron who said that rejecting the stale old grammars debate was a “key test” of whether the Tories were fit for government.

In claiming that her Government will represent ordinary working class is laughable when we have learnt last week that the number of people on zero hours contracts has increased by 20 per cent in a year; when real wages are 10 per cent lower than in 2007 and 1 in 5 employees in Britain are stuck in low paid jobs.

Labour wants the best for all our children, not just the lucky few the Tories care about. Pressing ahead with this policy will be counter-productive for the majority of our children’s education.