Karl Turner MP raises postcode lottery of mental health counselling provision at Prime Minister’s Questions

Karl Turner today probed the prime minister over mental health counselling provision and the postcode lottery that many people with mental health issues face when seeking talking therapies.

Karl raised the issue following the tragic death of his nephew, Matty, who at 25 tragically committed suicide. Despite having a referral from a GP, Matty was told that he would have to wait around 6 months for counselling.

At the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions session, Karl Turner asked the Prime Minister what was being done to sort out the crisis in mental health provision that can be a dangerous waiting game for those seeking treatment.

Speaking afterwards Karl Turner, Labour MP for Hull East said “It’s a tragedy that many mental health patients are having to wait long periods of time to receive the vital treatment they need. Whilst the introduction of waiting standards is welcome, it is a postcode lottery whether or not people are being seen in time and more needs to be done.

Karl at Prime Minister’s Questions

“It cannot be right that in some cases people are waiting up to 149 days to receive treatment whilst in other parts of the country people are seen in a matter of days. There have even been reports of some people waiting up to four years and this is simply unacceptable.

“I am calling on the Prime Minister to make sure that mental health provision has real parity of esteem and is front and centre in any government priorities”.

You can see a video of the exchange between Karl and the Prime Minister here –https://goo.gl/uDJdbB




Karl Turner gives support to University of Hull campaign on Anti-Slavery

Today marks World Anti-Slavery Day, which is aimed at raising awareness of the issues and problems surrounding modern slavery. To mark the day, the Wilberforce Institute of Slavery and Emancipation (WISE) at the University of Hull have carried out a public awareness campaign to show how modern slavery is hidden in plain sight.

One of the ‘Hidden in Plain Site’ workers boxes

‘Human packaging’ is being left at high-footfall locations in Hull city centre on Tuesday October 18, Anti-Slavery Day, to underline the fact that modern day slavery is hiding in plain sight. A new study by YouGov and the University of Hull’s Wilberforce Institute for the study of Slavery and Emancipation (WISE) found that less than one in ten people (8%) know the true scale of slavery in the UK which is affecting up to 13,000 people according to Home Office estimates.

John Oldfield, Director of WISE said: “Tackling slavery remains unfinished business, here in the UK and across the world. Modern day slavery often plays out in plain sight and can be difficult to detect, especially if people don’t know what signs to look for, which our research has highlighted is the case. What’s clear is that there is still a critical amount of work still to be done to increase widespread public awareness.

“The Modern Slavery Act was just the start. Along with the ongoing support from the Prime Minister, it is a good step in the right direction, not least because it means that big businesses must now look at modern slavery within their own operations and within their supply chains, But, the government must continue to drive forward the fight against slavery across all businesses and industries, regardless of turnover.

Karl being interviewed for local media on Anti-Slavery

“Hull is proud to have been central to an abolition movement once before, which is why we are marking Anti-Slavery Day with our #HiddenInPlainSight campaign, taking place across the city today, which aims to highlight the plight of modern day slavery and encourage people to look twice at what is happening all around them. Modern Slavery is an issue that won’t be solved until everyone opens their eyes and commits to tough action.”

Karl Turner, Labour MP for East Hull said, “this is a great piece of work from the University of Hull highlighting the problems surrounding modern day slavery and how it is hidden in plain sight.

“Modern day slavery is a massive issue in the UK and it is important that we continue to show people that there is more work to be done. The study that has been carried out by the Wilberforce Institute of Slavery and Emancipation (WISE) is world leading and I am committed to supporting this campaign and its objectives”

Karl and a constituent at one of the installations


Karl Turner MP rejoins Labour’s Frontbench as a Whip

karl paint
Picture: Jerome Ellerby

Karl Turner today announced his return to the Labour Frontbench, joining the Labour Party Whip’s Office.

Karl Turner, Labour MP for Hull East said “Following discussions with Jeremy Corbyn, representatives from his office and others, I have agreed to join Labour’s Whip’s Office effective immediately.

“I am satisfied that following Jeremy’s re-election as Leader of the Labour Party, he is committed to uniting the party and taking on the Tories.

“I agreed to return to the frontbench to help steady the ship and provide stability to the party. I have been clear that in order to take on the Tories and return Labour to power, we must be united and I hope that my return contributes to that.

“It is only Labour who will speak up for the people of Hull, whose voice is being drowned out by a self-indulgent Tory Party, hell bent on making life miserable for ordinary people.”



Karl Turner says more must be done to tackle assaults on Police Officers

Karl meets with Police Officers in Parliament

East Hull MP, Karl Turner has called on the government to take steps to keep Police Officers safe from attacks after an event in Parliament which highlighted the shocking extent of the problem.

During the ‘Protect the Protectors’ event in Parliament Karl met with members of the Police Federation and serving Police Officers to discuss the latest assault figures and discuss how violence towards the police affected their ability to protect their communities.

The most recent Home Office figures on police officer assaults are for the financial year 2015/16. They show that there were approximately 23,000 assaults on Police Officers with over 250 assaults on Humberside Police officers alone.

However even this is thought to be an underestimate as the Home Office believe that many assaults go unreported. In addition some police forces do not collect data recording the total number of assaults meaning that the national figures provide an incomplete picture of the situation.

Nick Smart, chairman of West Yorkshire Police Federation, which represents police officers said:

“An assault on a police officer is an assault on society and more needs to be done to keep them safe.”

“Officers accept the risk and the public also understand the dangers of the job, but the amount of assaults taking place is alarming,”

Karl  said:

“Today’s campaign is about asking the Home office to record all instances of assaults on officers. This will enable us to really understand the scale of the problem, and do something about it.

We are also calling for tougher sentences for those who assault the police. The courts must be able to provide a strong deterrent against attacks on our front line officers.”

World Mental Health Day – listen to Karl talk about mental health and suicide

Karl being interviewed on BBC 5Live

The World Health Organisation recognises World Mental Health Day on 10 October every year. This year’s theme set by the World Federation for Mental Health is psychological first aid and the support people can provide to those in distress.

If your mental or emotional state quickly gets worse, or you’re worried about someone you know – help is available.

Karl had the opportunity to raise the issue of mental health and suicide on the Stephen Nolan show on BBC 5Live and you can listen again to the show here – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07xhsvl 



No Answers, No Change: Theresa May’s Conservative Party


People in East Hull need a government that can deliver the real change that working people need. They need a Government that can stand up for Britain, build a strong economy, create good homes and good jobs, and defend our NHS and public services.

But Theresa May cannot give Britain the change we need. For the last six years she has been at the heart of a Tory Government which has failed working people.

This should have been the conference where Theresa May outlined a detailed plan to secure British jobs and prosperity in face of Brexit. But for all her talk of ‘fairness’ and ‘opportunity’, all we have seen from the Tories this week is crass and offensive ‘wedge’ politics and a drive into a ‘hard Brexit’ that risks jobs and growth.

People in East Hull need answers on what Brexit will mean for their jobs and rights at work, but the Tories still have no answers. They have no idea of how to deliver it, no plan for protecting our economy, and no plan to fix their broken promises.

The Tories offer no change on the economy. They may have abandoned their discredited surplus target, but they are still committed to deep, damaging cuts that will continue to hurt working people, through slower growth, poorer services and rising inequality.

Nor do they have any answers on education. Rather than dealing with chronic teacher shortages, falling school budgets and the lack of good school places, Theresa May is taking us back to the bad old days with grammar schools.

And despite their warm words, they offer no change on the NHS, just more of the same policies which are plunging the health service into crisis. Under the Tories, patients are waiting longer for care, and hospitals are overcrowded, understaffed and facing financial crisis.

Only a Labour Government will deliver the real change working people need. We will invest in the housing and infrastructure Britain needs, and develop a proper industrial strategy to secure good jobs and growth. As Britain leaves the EU, we will stand up for the benefits and investment that our EU membership currently provides.

A Labour Government will tackle the Tory housing crisis, by building over a million new homes over five years. We will stand up for the NHS, by providing the money it needs and joining up services in a properly integrated health and social care service. And we will focus on what matters most in education – good teachers in good schools – and reintroduce an Education Maintenance Allowance and maintenance grants for students from low and middle income backgrounds.

Working people in East Hull deserve better than more Tory failure with no answers and no change – only a Labour Government will stand up for them and their families.