Karl Turner MP raises postcode lottery of mental health counselling provision at Prime Minister’s Questions

Karl Turner today probed the prime minister over mental health counselling provision and the postcode lottery that many people with mental health issues face when seeking talking therapies.

Karl raised the issue following the tragic death of his nephew, Matty, who at 25 tragically committed suicide. Despite having a referral from a GP, Matty was told that he would have to wait around 6 months for counselling.

At the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions session, Karl Turner asked the Prime Minister what was being done to sort out the crisis in mental health provision that can be a dangerous waiting game for those seeking treatment.

Speaking afterwards Karl Turner, Labour MP for Hull East said “It’s a tragedy that many mental health patients are having to wait long periods of time to receive the vital treatment they need. Whilst the introduction of waiting standards is welcome, it is a postcode lottery whether or not people are being seen in time and more needs to be done.

Karl at Prime Minister’s Questions

“It cannot be right that in some cases people are waiting up to 149 days to receive treatment whilst in other parts of the country people are seen in a matter of days. There have even been reports of some people waiting up to four years and this is simply unacceptable.

“I am calling on the Prime Minister to make sure that mental health provision has real parity of esteem and is front and centre in any government priorities”.

You can see a video of the exchange between Karl and the Prime Minister here –https://goo.gl/uDJdbB