Pressure From Karl Turner Changes Government Policy on Sexual Assault Referrals to Military Police

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Picture: Jerome Ellerby

The Government today announced a small change to the law that will have a massive impact on many women and men in the military.

Schedule 2 of the Armed Forces Act lists the crimes that are automatically referred by a Commanding Officer to the Military Police. Currently sexual assault, voyeurism, exposure and sex in a public lavatory are excluded from the mandatory referrals process.

Karl Turner MP has consistently called for the the four named offences to be included in the mandatory referrals process in order to safeguard members of the armed forces who put their lives on the line to protect our country.

Speaking after the announcement Karl Turner, Labour MP for East Hull said “This change in Government policy shows that when pressure is applied to the Government and the topic is kept on the agenda, Labour can make a difference in opposition.

“It is not right that these crimes, which are serious in nature, are exempt from the referrals process that is used by the armed forces. We must make sure that all of our armed forces are able to go to work in a safe and secure environment, knowing that if they have a complaint, that this will be taken seriously and not subject to effective veto from a Commanding Officer”.

You can see the announcement made in the House of Commons chamber here

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