Karl explains why he voted against the EU Withdrawal Bill.

Karl voted against the EU Withdrawal Bill last night and speaking before the vote said, “I voted to trigger Article 50 but the ‘Withdrawal Bill’ is a blatant attempt to take law making away from Parliament. People in East Hull didn’t vote on 23rd June for Parliament to have less power they voted to make Parliament more sovereign. To take law making away from the EU and allow MPs in Parliament make the laws. This Bill allows a few out of touch incompetent Tory Ministers propped up by the DUP to make laws at the stroke of their pen without so much as referring it to Parliament for debate. At the same time the Government have tried to rig the make up of Parliamentary Committees to give them an overall majority in an attempt to side step the result of the General Election. This Bill would make Henry VIII blush. I can’t  vote for that.

The Government needs to make significant changes to shameless unprecedented power grabbing Bill, to give respect to the electorate and allow MPs elected to Parliament do the job of scrutinising legislation”.

The bill passed  and now moves onto the next stage of the parliamentary process where Labour will seek to amend and remove the worst aspects of the bill.